Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Portnoy's Complaint


Roth's protagonist, "Alexander Portnoy" obsesses about Gentile women, lusts after his stock-Jewish mother, and chronicles his sexual experiences with a smokin'-hot, marginally-literate shikse ("the Monkey").

Mildly entertaining. Still, Roth could have condensed this "masterpiece" to six or so pages without taking a hit in the quality department


FewThereBeThatFindIt said...

There have been very few Jew writers of any quality.

Kafka deserves his reputation. . .certainly he was the greatest Jewish writer, and holds his own with the gentile greats.

But who else Jew is there?

Joseph Heller was pretty good. . .I have a fondness for *Something Happened.* Bernard Malamud's *The Natural* is very good. The half-Jew JD Salinger, of course, with his *Catcher in the Rye.* Paul Auster's New York Trilogy and *Music of Chance* were good. But that's about it. Jews aren't very good writers.

Elias Canetti's *Auto-da-Fe* is a colossal bore. Georges Perec is supposedly a genius, but I never read him. He's too goofy-looking:
I mean, look at that guy, like a cross between Larry of the Three Stooges and Daniel Stern. Can't take him seriously, can't pick up any of his books.

No, good Jewish writers are few and far between. . .

Anonymous said...

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